Whitey Bulger’s Immunity Deal

Whitey‘s lawyers fired first their first salvo.  According to an article on Boston.com by Martin Finucane and Travis Andersen entitled “A License To Kill,” Whitey’s claiming he had a deal with the Feds that gave him to immunity for all his criminal actions.

Did he?    A soon to be published book: “Don’t Embarrass The Family –  The Trial of Whitey Bulger’s FBI Handler” tells about the immunity deal he alleged he had with the FBI and the deal the FBI said it had with him.

Don’t be so ready to scoff at Whitey’s claim.  To decide this issue alone may take years since it strikes at the heart of the FBI’s long time customs and procedures. I wonder if Whitey’s lawyers truly realize how valid it may.

By the way for all those who think Whitey’s goose is cooked, the book says don’t count on it.  Read it and see why.

(Picture of Whitey in leather jacket shows him facing Stevie Flemmi.  The picture was taken by detectives in Quincy Police Captain Dave Rowell’s special unit that was a thorn in the side of Whitey for years. The original group was Rowell, Dick Bergeron, Bob Crowley, Peter Gallagher and Paul Snow)   


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