Whose Worse: Whitey Bulger or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

pressure cookerWe’ve read that Whitey terrorized the City of Boston for decades but have difficulty finding anyone who was terrorized by him. Unlike during the time of the Boston Strangler when women thought twice about leaving their homes, you can’t find one person who had the same feeling because of the existence of Whitey Bulger. Whitey did murder some people, most of them criminals. His buddy Stevie Flemmi murdered at least 13 people before he met Whitey; his other buddy John Martorano murdered at least 8 people before meeting Whitey; and afterward each pumped their total murders to over double the amount the Whitey was found by a jury to have been involved in. Yet no one speaks of Martorano terrorizing the Hub nor of Flemmi doing it. It is only Whitey.

But we do know there is a person who is alleged to have actually terrorized Boston. He is Dzhokar Tsarnaev whose first name is pronounced like the word Joker would be pronounced by us Bostonians. He and his big brother, Tamerlan, who may or may not have been an FBI informant, are alleged to have set off two bombs in the crowd of people watching the Boston Marathon for the express purpose of killing and maiming people and terrorizing the populace. This act succeeded in murdering three people including a young boy; and maiming hundreds others. The cops shut down the City of Boston and neighboring towns in their search for them. The actions that the Joker was alleged to have committed are those of a true terrorist.

Whitey wasn’t a terrorist. He was a local hoodlum who through violence took over the control of other criminals from whom he extorted monthly rent payments; over a period of years he managed to murder his rivals and those who happened to be cooperating with the cops who he perceived as threats to him.

I ask who is worse. You’d think based on the actions of the U.S. Attorneys office and the federal court in Boston that Whitey was the terrorist and Joker was some kid caught up in the wrongdoings of his brother. Speaking of brothers, talking to some people about Whitey’s brother Billy you’d have thought he was like the Joker accompanying Whitey during his murders.

What I’m referring to is this recent news article that says the judge in the Joker’s case urged the prosecutors to compromise with the defense counsel to make Joker’s life a little easier. The prosecutors have agreed to do this. I had to wonder is this the same prosecutor’s office that fought tooth and nail to ensure Whitey received no breaks?

Whitey was confined to a cell 23 hours a day and we learned during the trial that at times he was stripped searched five or more times a day even though he never left the cell between these humiliations. Had that thought merely passed through the mind of one of Joker’s jailers she would have been summarily fired.

The article notes that in giving the defense team greater leeway in discussing the plight of Joker, “All the defense team members would report, and are accountable to, the top four lawyers named in the case.” Whitey had two lawyers; Joker gets four top lawyers and who knows how many others. Of course we pay for all of them.

You know what I think about the Joker, the act he is alleged to have committed is an act of war against the people of Boston who are citizens of the United States. A person doing this type act is no better than those people who we have been summarily killing with our drones in foreign countries who have never harmed an American. People who join with the enemy in the war on terror, whether citizens or not, should be treated like enemy combatants.

Joker was born on July 22, 1993; at the time of the bombing he was 19 years old. Some suggest he was led astray by his brother and that at that young age he was not able to be fully responsible for his actions. That’s pure rubbish. We recognize that persons of that age are fully accountable for their actions and understand what they are doing. This is shown by our loss of 858 troops killed in Iraq who were under the age of 21 and 25,400 of that age killed in Vietnam. If we can send 19-year-old women and men to die in the war on terror, then if we are attacked by a 19-year-old in that same war, an especially cowardly 19-year-old who unlike our combat soldiers and Marines set out to wage a cowardly attack on unarmed civilians, then that person should pay the same price as the many young Americans who fought for our nation’s ideals.

Whitey the non-terrorist was made into a terrorist and treated as such with neither the court or the prosecutor lifting a finger off of the button of harsh treatment; Joker the alleged terrorist is made into a figure of sympathy, both by the court and the prosecutors who seem to be bowing to his every complaint, and easing his imprisonment.

Obama’s attorney general Holder is going to take until the end of January to decide if Joker should get the death penalty. What is there to decide? Many of our brave youth have suffered that penalty in defending us; isn’t it simple to conclude that Joker who attacked us deserves the same fate.

Joker should never have been allowed to be tried in federal court. He should be tried by a military commission at Guantanamo. That is now water over the dam thanks to the pusillanimous Administration. Now we will be treated to the horror of a trial where the victims of the terrorist bombing of 4/15 will have to testify and relive their sufferings.

You can tell a country is adrift when it can’t treat a terrorist like a terrorist but treats one who isn’t like one.




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  2. Hi! What does “SAM” mean? Sam’s Club comes to mind, but I’m guessing you are not referring to the store with wholesale prices. Please clarify; thanks!

    • Jay:

      SAM means something like “special administrative measures.” It’s what Joker is being held under, the same thing applied to Whitey. No one ever wrote to complain about Whitey’s treatment, you can see the Joker, a real terrorist, has a big fan base.

  3. Is this satire? I don’t know if the blogger knows his facts here. You do realize Tsarnaev is under SAMs correct? I don’t know where you come to the very biased conclusion that the govt is bending over backwards for him. His SAMs are still in place and a lot of evidence was currently withheld by a judge ruling. Please inform yourself.

    • December:

      Not satire. SAMs should be in place on Joker. They have been loosened. There’s so much evidence against the Joker that one could use the term overwhelming and still be understating it. I suppose you think he is innocent?

  4. http://bobmccarty.com/2013/12/05/everything-redacted-in-4-page-document-about-the-fbis-sensitive-informant-program/


    Everything Redacted in 4-Page Document About the FBI’s ‘Sensitive Informant Program’
    Posted on December 5, 2013 by BobMcCarty

    Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue has received three heavily-redacted batches of recently-declassified documents from the FBI in recent days as partial responses to his ongoing quest for materials related to the Bureau’s “Sensitive Informant Program.” The most recent document, however, could qualify as the most-heavily-redacted document ever offered in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. Everything — four pages in all — is redacted! See pics below.



    In an email message Thursday morning, Trentadue describes this latest set of documents as “certainly in line with the Administration’s position on FOIA and the need for ‘transparency.’”

    Trentadue has sought details about the “Sensitive Informant Program” in an effort to learn more about the brutal death of his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, under suspicious circumstances while in custody at the U.S. Bureau of Prisons Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City in 1995 and about the connection he believes exists between his brother’s death and the investigation of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

    As I reported in a Nov. 21 update to this post, federal Judge Clark Waddoups has set May 5, 2014, as the date on which a new Oklahoma City Bombing trial will begin in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, Central Division. The trial will begin at 8:30 a.m. local time, is expected to last three days and could produce some bombshells.

    To learn more about Trentatude’s long-running legal battle with the FBI, watch the chilling one-hour video below:

    To learn more of my coverage about Trentadue’s battle for justice, read Truth

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      • Jay:

        Thanks for the information but you’re a lot smarter than I am when it comes to computers since some of the instructions I could not follow. I’ll have to consult with my son who has set me up with this when he gets freed up from some of the other things he is involved in. In the meantime I’ll try to figure out some of the things you wrote about. Thanks again.

  5. This article is insane.

  6. Matt: an excellent post. There can be no sympathy for this legal adult who intentionally targeted children. His and his brother’s evil intent was to kill and maim hundreds of innocent men, women and children.

  7. public_servant_watch

    I see you are still in DENIAL or is it willful ignorance. Uncle Scam is the terrorist not these brothers and the actual evidence supports this. A military trial was avoided because the corruption would have been evident!!

    • Public- I honestly want to know what you have as evidence? I want to understand how they are innocent ? They are on camera placing bombs…They have friends who discarded the proof…It was then recovered.. They killed a young police officer…How is it that they are innocent? Do you concede that they killed Sean Collier? Why will only a military trial expose corruption in this particular case?

      • Doubting:

        Public doesn’t believe the incident happened – she says it was some type of movie production put on by the FBI for the purpose of getting more money in its budget – you can’t argue with her since she won’t concede anyone died or that the explosion actually happened outside of a Hollywood studio. You can’t believe people like that exist but they do. When I tried cases I always hoped one of them would not be on my jury since I knew nothing I presented would convince them of a defendant’s guilt.

    • Public:

      I asked you to visit the family of the boy who was murdered in Dorchester and talk to his sister who lost her leg. After you do that you will be welcome back here with your theories of the government being behind the terrorist bombing.

    • My impression is that “Public” is an individual attempting to be inflammatory (and succeeding). No support is offered; no details are offered; and I would argue that the presence of criminal proceedings in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts may afford greater transparency than would be seen in a so-called “military tribunal” anyway, so this assertion makes no sense. Sounds a lot like MSFREEH to me, or an associate.