Why Chicago Has So Many Murders? The Mayor Is Otherwise Engaged.

ChicagoChicago has seen over 510 murders this year. 5.2% or 26 were of other than blacks and Hispanics; 16.4% or about 84 were Hispanic; and the remaining 78.4% or 400 were black. The deaths were only a small portion of the shootings. There were 2,982 shootings. That boils down to about 2 homicides a day and 12 people shot and wounded every day.

Chicago’s mayor is Obama’s buddy Rahm Emmanuel. Rahm is one of those “gifted” politicians like Bill Clinton. People like to gift them money in exchange for their influence. Imagine the return these people must get  from the public weal if they are willing to pay these sums.

Bill was given 18 million by a private college so it could use his name in selling its programs;  Rahm was paid a monthly sum of $450,000  by a Wall Street firm Wasserstein Perella prior to having “enjoyed a generous retainer from Goldman Sachs, which paid him “to introduce us to people.,” . . . ”  

In many places prostitution, usually meaning a woman selling herself, is outlawed. That is because the women who engage in it for the most part have little say in the way laws are made. As outcasts from the system, and mostly as down-and-outers, those in power feel a moral superiority by kicking them around.

How different though is it from the actions of Rahm and Bill. Don’t they too sell themselves to others? Are they whores? The dictionary defines whore as to “debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.” Is it because they are part of the law making group that their actions are considered all right and not a crime?

Sadly they are in politics to make money through connections with money people. They are too busy doing this to face and understand the problems of  their constituents. Too many come to politics and end up a multi-millionaires while supposedly expressing concern for those who are suffering the most in our society. Not all though, here is a fascinating list of net worths of Congress members.

We see the folly of having a guy like Bill for president with his omnipresent smile except when his tawdry life-style in on parade when it turns to a snarl. How different is he from the low lives lIke Whitey Bulger and Steve Flemmi. Like them, his goal in life is money and women as John Martorano said and he added: “not necessarily in that order.” I’ll write later how Clinton’s wandering mind brought us al Qaeda and the present situation in North Korea.

Rahm also seem otherwise occupied. He got jammed in recently when it was discovered he knew about a video which showed a white Chicago police officer gunning down a young black man walking down the street who appeared to present no threat to anyone. When his malfeasance in hiding this was disclosed he acted quickly.

To get the pressure off of himself he canned the police superintendent Garry McCarthy. Then he hand-picked a black 27 year veteran of the Chicago police, Eddie Johnson, as its new police superintendent. Rahm’s interference in the police department began earlier under McCarthy when he demanded he cozy up to the ACLU, He forced the police department to require all its officers who make a street stops to fill out a form explaining why it was done.

These forms would be reviewed by the ACLU.  As you may expect, the number of street stops declined drastically. The result is obvious in the number of blacks that have been killed this year. Rahm could care less since the pressure was off of him.

Donald Trump has brought up the connection between liberals and city violence noting that most cities are run by liberal Democrats. It is true that most are; it is false that equates  to more violence. Take Boston, New York, and Los Angeles run by such Democrats. There and in many other such cities violence is under control. It is  only when the cities are run by mayors who are like whores being more interested in lining their pockets than helping their constituents that it attains.



  1. Citing Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives data — which shows that approximately 60% of guns used in crimes across Illinois came from out of state — the Trace built an infographic demonstrating just how many guns flow into the city from states with less restrictive gun laws.

    This Is How Chicago Gets Flooded With Illegal Guns
    Source: The Trace
    From 2010 to 2014, of the traceable guns used in Illinois crimes which originated from out of state, most came from Indiana (3,269), Mississippi (1,002) and Wisconsin (898).

    Must be something wrong with my eyes.

  2. According to the article you cite, 60% of weapons come from out of state, principally from Indiana. Did you read that article up-side down? Look at the graphic, again. It disproves, rather than, supports, what you assert. Indeed, the guns do come from Indiana.

    • “Most of the firearms used in crime originated from within Illinois.” Here Chicago’s crime is being addressed. It is the first sentence just below the graph, which, by the way, if you total the numbers on the graph, will give you a 30% maximum for Indiana. That 30% is in fact lower because there are other states that have originated guns not on the graph.

      The number you cite, “Approximately 60% of guns used in crimes across Illinois came from out of state,” does not refer to Chicago which is not the entire state.

      Having a firm grasp of facts makes for rational analysis. With an understanding that you are a student, do yourself a favor and take a course in basic statistics and pay special attention to how to properly label the data. You will learn to read data and not to read what you want it to say.

  3. Glorious Leader is pimping out the CMH on live TV. Unreal.

  4. Based on my five decades of experience in racial and Title VII matters, I would ask: Is most of the black on black crime collateral damage?

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  5. Chicago has so many gun murders, because, there’s so many guns. From the south side of the city, it’s a short jaunt to Indiana. Illinois, and, Chicago, in particular, have stricter gun laws than Indiana. Gun-runners, buy in the Hoosier state, then return city to sell their stock. It’s always been like that. I don’t no what the Mayor could really do beside build a Trump-size wall on the state line.
    Rahm is deliriously unpopular. This is most likely his last term. The question is, who will the machine put up to replace him. Is there a third generation Daley hidden out at Grand Beach?

    • A majority of guns involved in crime originate in Illinois which has loose gun laws. A plurality, c. 30%, of out of the minority of guns used in crime originate in Indiana. Chicago’s problems are home grown and not imported from away. Mayor Emmanuel, raised by a Irgun terrorist, possibly is indifferent to the suffering of a population that he does not identify with. Matt is right the Mayor contributes to the problem greatly but the blame is not all his.


    • The majority of those murders by firearm in Chicago involve either felons in possession of a firearm or an underage person in possession of a firearm. If found with a firearm, they could be arrested and charged with a violation of law, but that does not prevent them from possession or illegal usage, i.e. murder, manslaughter, or assault and battery with a deadly weapon. It is a violation of law to transfer a firearm to such individuals. It is violation of law to make a straw purchase from a FFL with the intent to transfer to an individual prohibited from possession of a firearm. It is a violation of law to break and enter into a business, home or motor vehicle to steal a firearm.

      All these laws, all these violations of laws, yet possession by the prohibited continues, and they continue to use the firearms illegally. Why do legislators, and many who vote them into office, persist in thinking that one more law will make a difference?

  6. Whatever Rudy Guiliani did in NYC “broken windows policy”, “community policing””stop and frisk” Chicago should aggresively implement something similar and the ACLU should back off. (Rudy was mayor from 1994-201, and between 1990 and 1999, homicides dropped 73 percent, burglaries 66 percent, assaults 40 percent, robberies 67 percent.)
    2. ACLU and others should stop hampering police.
    3. There is a problem with crime in the black community that primarily the black community itself must address:
    4. FBI statistics (Form 43) show blacks (13% of the population) commit about 38% of violent crimes in America which correlates with blacks being 38% of the prison/jail population. Blacks are arrested for over 50% of murders and robberies and over 40% of weapons-carrying charges. Blacks also commit about 30% of property crimes.
    However, even if you released all blacks from prison/jail, the United States incarceration rate would still exceed that of most nations.
    U.S. imprisons about 700 people per 100,000 population. Russia about 450.
    5. The U.S. overall homicide rate of 3.9 per 100,000 is well below the world’s national average of 6.1. (U.N. Office on Drugs & Crime). The highest homicide rates are in Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa.
    6. Four major problems in the black community are: 1. >70% illegitimacy rate; 2. high crime rate (3-4x population percent); 3. high-school drop out rate; and 4. drugs: about 900,000 blacks and 900,000 whites are arrested on drug-related charges annually.
    7. The good news: About 95% of black men were not arrested last year; about 80% finished high school; about 50% had some college; about 90% of both black and whites aged 12 and up reported no drug use in a monthly survey by SAMSHA. (U.S. Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) and teen pregnancies are down.

  7. Matt:

    As a fact reporter, you couldn’t do any better.

    As Harry Truman said: “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”

    People have labeled Trump as a “con” man and “BS Artist”. I ask, who is more dangerous, the business man/woman who bribes a politician or the politician who accepts the bribe, wanting more?

    As those with experience know, you can’t just pay a bribe, you must “learn” how to pay a bribe.

    Trump has learned from those knowledgeable politicians how to pay them off, not if you can pay them off.

    [email protected]

    • Doug,

      Thanks for the quote by H.S.T.
      Had never heard it before.

      I say the politician is worse, based on the “don’t hate the playa,…hate the game” theory. It’s strictly pay to play today in American business/politics.

      Trump, although a “playa” now, Trump can help revolutionize the “game” when he gets elected and hopefully switches over to “reformer” mode.

      • Matt:

        We’re not talking a net worth of one million dollars.

        It’s more like tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

        How does an honest politician amass tens or hundreds of millions of dollars?

        And America watches as we are being sold out.

        [email protected]

  8. I partly agree, Mattt Rahm Emmanuel is the invisible man in a city crying out for forceful leadership. He had reputation as being a mean SOB. But he’s just a political operative who is in way over his head.