Why I Could Not Vote for (Cruz) Trump: Crazy is as Crazy Thinks: Get Ready for More War Part 1 of 3

(This was (`) Joe Bltzwritten before Cruz dropped out. It is still relevant because Trump’s position on this seems to mirror that of Cruz. I have made some changed to reflect the present state of affairs.)

NC has pushed me on suggestion Cruz would not be a good candidate other than for a role  in the matinée at the Old Howard. Actually he could have done well there since a lot of people in the audience were used to tossing lemons up on the stage at people whose acts wore thin. But those were the good old days when rowdyism was part of a culture where people had little and life was more rough and tumble than it is these genteel days.

Today, you can’t even grab a person without being tossed in the hoosegow. I saw it coming years ago when they set up a special court system for juveniles in Massachusetts which is a real waste of time and money. In Dorchester they could handle all the juvenile problems in a half day on one day a week before that.

What the new system lead to was more arrests and charges against juveniles. A couple of kids in a fight at a pick-up basketball game were charged with assault and battery and had to go to court. In my days we’d never have been able to play touch football. Our basketball games rather than being at the courts — (we played at tennis courts with the basket hung against the chain link fence on top of a brick wall. Driving toward the basket was always a perilous journey.)– would have been in the courts if we got arrested for each fight that broke out.

I respect NC’s opinions so I had to dig up a good reason why I would not vote for Cruz even though some of his positions pass my smell test like having a little more backbone in our foreign policy. I agree with the Rough Rider’s policy: “Speak softly and  carry a big stick”  which seems the polar opposite of Trump’s “speak loudly and brashly.” As for what he is carrying no one seems to know.

Too much lately we’ve seen loud talk and a twig-type response. I don’t want to have any more wars any more than any of you especially since we don’t have a draft. If we must war let’s get everyone involved.

I watched a television program the other day about electronic dance music DJ’s. I was highly surprised that the top ones earn between 10 to 66 million a year.  I suppose they are worth it since they draw enormous crowds of almost all white young men and women who wildly gyrate to the music, lights and smoke in humongous night clubs. I could not help reflect how a minuscule sliver of American youth slough trough fields of war. The scene  shouted at me the unfairness of a country that gets in war but exempts almost all from its dangers.

I believe on the other hand you cannot have as a policy that you won’t go to war under any condition. If that is your starting point the likelihood of having one really increases. The other side knowing your proclivities will push and push. There is a limit to how much you will let the pushers gobble up other nations to keep ourselves e. I guess Ronald Reagan who kept us out of wars was looked upon as a guy who was not anxious to fight but there was something about him that you knew it was not best to try him.

Do you get the same feeling with Trump? I look at the guy as a windbag with no backbone. Reagan projected a smile that said don’t cross me; Trump’s suggests he’s really not serious.

When I wrote about Cruz I noted that Professor Torture called him: “off-the-wall brilliant.” Being suspect of everything Dershowitz says I figured that something was amiss. I immediately thought of Israel. Yes, Dirty Al, as I’ve heard some call him, determines his attitude toward people on how they feel toward Israel. So even if Cruz were Teddy Dumbbell but was in the tank for Israel he’d receive high praise from the professor.

I’m waiting for Dirty Al to tell us how Trump is brilliant: after all they have mutual friends in Jefferey Epstein; and Trump’s position seems to mirror that of Cruz on Israel.

Part two of three next.



  1. Matt, Sammy helped my kids out over the years. Most of these scrapes would have been handled by the parents and perhaps a seasoned juvenile officer.

    One example: Paul ended up at Dorchester Court when a neighborhood crank (known well to the court) had him arrested for attempted door-bell ringing. By the time we got to court, the charges looked he was a serial killer or/and a home invader. I’m sure Sam has seen this exponential increase in in seeking remedies in a formal court setting.

    (Like many others from Savvy, I feared my father more than any Court or policeman. His system of jurisprudence was “interesting” to say the least.

  2. Reporting Alive from Election Central….

    in other news


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    The blogger who claimed that Ted Cruz’s dad was in connection with John F. Kennedy’s murder has been found dead in his home..