Why Trump Should Be Frightened – And They Are Only Just Beginning

(1) CollossusAt first his silence was astounding. The man who rapidly responds with insults to his opponents – “Lyin’ Ted” – “Little Marco” – “a very low energy kind of guy” (Bush)  – “look at that faceI Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president”(Fiorina)  – “Crooked Hillary” – “Crazy Bernie” – “Goofy Elizabeth Warren”- had nothing to say.

Hours yet he remained silent about the astounding turn out in the United States of easily over three million people who gathered in all parts of the country to send a message to him that they are not happy with him. This was perhaps the largest gathering of people ever in the United States and Trump was silent about it.

Boston had 175,000 ; Los Angeles over 500,000; History made in Seattle over 100,000; Portland between 70,000 to 100,000; Chicago 250,000;  Washington, D.C. 500,000;  Atlanta about 60,000; Minneapolis between 90,000 and 100,000; Philadelphia 50,000; Houston 22,000; San Diego 30,000 to 40,000;  and so on. Even in Sarasota, Florida, a march that I participated in there were between 7,500 and 10,000 people who marched over the John Ringling Causeway.

The march I was in was a happy march with people being polite and smiling with a steely determination behind what they were doing. They engaged in continual banter with the handful of police officers who were there. There was little anger but a more determined message that they were going to speak out if things happen they don’t like.

All the marches throughout the nation seemed to be the same: no violence, no arrests; just an example of democracy in a free country where people have the right to assemble peacefully and express their opinions.

Finally Trump spoke at about 7:30 am Sunday morning. He knew he had to say something. That is the problem one puts himself in when he feels compelled to tweet about any and everything that relates to him personally.

He spoke but he made no sense. He did not seem to understand. The day after the march he tweeted: “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election. Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly.”

What does the fact that we had an election have to do with anything. Sure we had an election but once an election is over the people still have a right to speak out and demonstrate. Does Trump think that the people must now just sit down and be quiet and let him do whatever he wants to do? Apparently that is the case judging from his response.

He suggests that these people should have voted. I’m sure that most of them who were eligible to vote did vote. They did not vote for him although some did but were upset at his inaugural address which they hoped would reach out to all Americans rather than his narrow base. We know  Trump believes  more people voted for him than voted for Hillary Clinton. He told us this.

He then blames “celebs” for hurting the cause. He simply does not understand that the celebrities, whoever they are, have nothing to do with the huge turnout in opposition to his presidency.

People did not go out to see them, they went out to stand in opposition to him. They went out to tell him that he is not a dictator who rules a country where people have no voice. His election did not take away from the rights of Americans.

Later, after 9:00 am and I assume after someone had the courage to tell him he is acting like a jackass, he tweeted: “Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don’t  always agree, I recognize the right of people to express their views.” 

Is he saying he does not agree that we should be able to have peaceful protests in a democracy? Or, is he saying he does not agree with the message of the demonstrators? Who cares now what he says since we know he lies as easily as he breathes?

Although, it must give you a warm fuzzy feeling that he may recognize the right of people to express their views if he is not lying about that. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he recognizes that right to freedom of speech and gathering to protest.

That is why I suggest Trump should be frightened. The protest marches that he witnessed planted seeds that will only spout greater protests and awareness. Trump will soon recognize that the people will hit the streets in protest if need be in ever-increasing numbers.

His lies will not stand. The Sleeping Giant — the great majority of Americans — are stirring. One thing America will remain is “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” 



  1. Wa-llahi! Did anyone notice how worried Kamila Harris, and, the little turd from Florida, looked at the women’s march? They were having doubts about the popular resistance against Glorious Leader. Too big, too wild, for bourgeois Democrats to control. They realized that they, and, their grasping, manipulative, fellows, could be taken down by the same wave that threatens GL, and, his evil minions. The worm does turn. The system is a fraud, whether controlled by the Reps, or, the Dems. People are starting to understand that it needs changing in fundamental ways. Let me spell it out for you guys. The Big Four must be satisfied: house, doctor, education, and, food. If there is anything left over, the greedy can kill each other competing for the surplus.
    There’ll always be a place in US Socialism for the assholes in life.

    All praise to Socialism! All power to the Dialectic!

  2. ” Sarcasm ” may indeed be more properly the soul of wit when it comes to political discourse at a time when ” discourse ” is more often about flat condemnation and rank insult! 🙂

  3. Tadzio/Matt … That was a crisp exchange … Enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. Read this interview in the New York Times from the most senior fascist adviser in the Trump administration Steve Bannon, former CEO of Breitbart News: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/26/business/media/stephen-bannon-trump-news-media.html?_r=0

    Scary stuff.

  5. Why should Trump be afraid? Bigger demonstrations did not stop the Vietnam War. Huge turnouts did not defer the war in Iraq. Operation Wall Street was dud. Convicted Felon George $oro$ can organize a crowd. The crooked commie has funded Colored Revolutions worldwide. Tell me something new.

    It will not take wing in America.

    “What does the fact that we had an election have to do with anything. ” That is a question that answers itself. The answer is “Everything”. Trump won.

    Tweeting is the Fireside Chat of a hurried digital age. Tweets are limited in length. It is amazing that a threescore and patriarch is so intelligent and flexible that he has mastered this new technology. Better man than I am.

    Trump the master of Twitter. He is running circles around his foes. He Confound them daily with feints and diversions. It is a great show.

    Glad you had a pleasant day resuscitating salad days, marching and being so cutting edge. Hope no one lost a thumb from over-sucking it. Have heard that is a problem with those grasping for one more Last Hurrah.

    The world has passed by Political Correctness, Marxism, the MSM and whatever the newest or next title is bestowed upon those blessed irrelevants virtue signaling each other.

    Donald J. Trump has awaken traditional America and Liberty is no longer on the wane. The hostile elite with its deluded minions and aged hippy-dippy camp followers can fuss and fume. It makes no difference. Clio no longer sings Pete Seeger songs. America is back and it is going to be Great Again.

    • Tadzio:

      I appreciate hearing from alt-reality. As you know I participated in the march and was really pleased to received the $2,500.00 which Russian news reported all the marchers received from George Soros. Yes, all four million plus throughout the world came out because of Soros.

      You know throughout American history from shortly after the Civil War calling people communists, or reds, or anarchists was an American scare tactic to chase away other Americans from their causes such as the workers striking for an eight hour day or safer mine conditions. You resurrect this old canard but do it in the most unusual circumstance because it is your guy who is cozy with the Russians. By the way in case you did not know it the “Colored Revolutions” were people fighting for democracy. Is that something that is bad?

      You also think because Trump won people lose their freedom to protest like Trump. I did not think the election meant we must go quietly along with whatever lies he wanted to put out there. As for him tweeting, I hope he keeps it up since it give a good look into his mind and it is a little scary. (And by the way I know a lot of pre-teen who know how to tweet so it is hardly a great accomplishment for Trump)

      And as for marching, you should know it was the marchers who brought the Vietnam War to an end. I though that was common knowledge. It was also the marchers who gave us the Civil Rights Act. It was the marchers in India that gave the country back to the Indians. Marching is planting a seed so that others will join in and unite with you. Can you imagine over 4 million marchers world wide and not one arrest. Martin Luther King’s admonition of non violent protest was surely shown there.

      Glad you are happy with your new leader. I fail to see how America becomes great again when the leader is consumed with himself and lives a life of make believe.

      • Spencer was spouting his racist hate crap on TV the other day. Some uncounted hero came right out of the crowd, and, smacked that mealy-mouthed bastard right in the mouth. I don’t know if the assailant was a white guy, brown guy, or, black. I’d just like to say thanks to that dude, and, please, next time, take that neo-nazi’s head clean off.

    • Tadzio: Demos didn’t stop the VN War? You mean besides being flat out militarily, and, politically, defeated by the North Vietnamese Communists? The demos called attention to official failure and paved the way for a US exit. We wasted a lot of people over there, both, Americans and Vietnamese. Nixon, in his own words, was very discouraged by the popular resistance expressed in the demos. Some folks have very short memories, or, weren’t around at that time. Of course, they might have derived all their expertise from Breitbart alt-facts dealing with the subject. Tadzio, it’s obvious you don’t know shit from shine-ola about the VN War.

      All praise to VVAW and ASU. All power to the Dialectic!

  6. Matt,

    I think a great long-term piece would be a review of all of Trump’s cabinet picks and some of the executive orders he is enacting which are gutting environmental, labor, and ethical reform rules put forth by the Obama administration, and what that means for the people who voted for him. Just throwing it out there, I don’t want Trump to be able to hide the ball while we (rightfully) spend time calling him out on his fraudulent statements.

    Also something about his “belief” that torture works despite all the experts saying it does not.

    Just throwing it out there.

    • Dave:

      I would think that any Trump voter now must know that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall as Tsar Donald announced. The American consumer will pay. He is going to impose a 20% tax on all imports from Mexico. Unless is voters are really blind they should recognized the the cost is being passed on to the lower and middle class American who buy the fruits and vegetables and other goods from Mexico.

      “Mexico also grew $21 billion of agricultural products shipped and eaten in the U.S. in 2015, making it our second largest supplier. Among the most popular are avocados, tomatoes and berries. We bring in $4.8 billion of fresh vegetables, as well as $1.7 billion in snack foods and $1.4 billion in processed fruit and vegetables, according to the nation’s trade representative.”

      His biggest con yet is making Americans pay for the wall.

  7. Matt
    Did not realize you were a neighbor of
    FBI agent Lyndley DeVecchio in Sarasota.

    Investigator Angela Clemente has fond memories
    of the physical beating she got from the NY FBI office
    when investigating DeVecchio and his best buddy serial killer
    Greg Scarpa.

    As FBI Director Comey was heard to
    say after he cast the deciding vote for Trump

    ” Gentlemen and Ladies, reset your clocks”


    The Doomsday Clock just advanced, ‘thanks to Trump’: It’s now just 2 ½ half minutes to ‘midnight.’

    • MS:

      I’ve heard the he lives in the Sarasota area.

    • Dear msfreeh,
      Look what happened to Stephen Rakes – cyanide poisoning. That was three years ago. The person committing this murder (William Camuti) was quickly arrested but has never faced justice! Angela Clemente was “left for dead.” That’s why I’m afraid to visit America.

  8. “Sure we had an election but once an election is over the people still have a right to speak out and demonstrate.”

    Can you imagine the stink that would have been raised if the people who did not vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012 acted in the same manner?

    • Ed:

      My memory is that no sooner did Obama get into his seat the Tea Party reared its ugly head. I guess what goes around comes around.

  9. Matt:
    Latest polls:
    President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen: Approve 57, Disapprove 43 Approve +14
    President Trump Job Approval Economist: Approve 43, Disapprove 39 Approve +4
    President Trump Job Approval Gallup: Approve 46, Disapprove 45 Approve +1
    President Trump Job Approval Reuters: Approve 43, Disapprove 45 Disapprove +2

    So, I still don’t see “the great majority” stirring.
    And please note the “disapproval” is about the same as the percent who voted for Hillary in the election. The election is over. 65 million voted for Hillary; 63 million voted for Trump; Trump won!! This is the fourth time in American history that the winner lost the popular vote. So what? 63 million voted for Trump; 3 million protested. So what?

    P.S. Russia supported Trump; Saudi Arabia supported Hillary to the tune of tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation. At least $100 million in foreign money came into the Clinton foundation. Want to guess how many Foundation staffers worked on Hillary’s campaigns? So what?
    The last Wikileaks info about the DNC/Podesta was released in July 2016. Zero effect on the election.
    Comey should have indicted Hillary. He found “Extreme carelessness” but not “gross negligence”! Come on! Arguably Comey helped Hillary: wrongly exculpating her twice before the election; and Comey took no action on her perjuries before Congress.

    Conclusion: Hillary lost; Dukakis lost; Kerry lost; Dewey lost; ex-Pres. Millard Fillmore was the unsuccessful nominee of the No Nothing Party—all ancient history, like the Russian Revolution!

    • Bill:

      Compare those figure to Obama.

      I’m pleased to see that you agree Hillary won the popular vote (it was by 2.8 million) but your leader does not accept that. He says that he won since Hillary had 3 – 5 million fraudulent votes cast for her. He wants all of his followers to subtract those fraudulent votes and then he would have also won the popular vote.

      Protests (new count is over 4 million) count. They stopped the Vietnam War. Gave us the Civil Rights Act, gave India its independence, and will grow as Trump keeps up his lying (like with the fraudulent votes) or, as we now know today that it is not Mexico who will pay for the wall but the American consumer who will have to pick up the 20% tariff on goods imported from Mexico.

      I don’t recall that Saudi Arabia has been trying to undermine democratic countries throughout the world. That seems to be the MO of Russian and that is a big “so what.”

      Why are you making up facts? You are not part of the alt-truth group. An article on November 1, 2016, stated: “The latest tranche consists of almost 2,500 emails, bringing the number released so far to almost 42,000. WikiLeaks has claimed it will publish 50,000 emails in total in the run up to the US presidential election on November 8.” The emails dripped out weekly during the campaign. They had an obvious effect.

      Comey eleven days before the election announced he was reopening the investigation into Hillary’s emails. Did you forget that? He did it just as the early voting began. What other things he did or did not do are really irrelevant when you consider that.

      The losses you point out may be ancient history except that of Hillary because we have to live with Tsar Donald who from all I can tell wakes up each day and asks his special mirror on the wall “who is the most popular man in all the world.”

  10. ★* Marches ★ Hell of an interesting Freudian slip tho’ 🙂

  11. Matt: “the great majority” of Americans are stirring? The latest Rasmussen poll has Trump’s job approval rating at 57%. (I’ll post below some other numbers, none showing a “great majority” being ant-Trump).
    Even the leftist Politico shows the following results about Trump’s inauguration speech:
    “49 percent of those who watched or heard about the speech saying it was excellent or good, and just 39 percent rating it as only fair or poor. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed reacted positively to the “America First” message, the cornerstone of the Trump campaign and governing posture.”
    Now, what were you saying about “the great majority”?

  12. When the Revolution comes, it will be high wide and mighty, and, it won’t be Socialism-lite. Eradicating social privilege will be at the top of the revolutionary agenda. The thought of making videos about Jaime Diamond, and, his ilk, picking taters at a re-education camp, makes it all worth it.

  13. Marty has more to worry about than Donald J.Trump ..I like Marty . He caught a break with Trump’s election which caused Carmen Ortiz’s departure as US Attorney. Now he has jumped on a woefully miscalculated political opportunity, volunteered the seat of City Government as a Bowery style flophouse, and called a sitting President a ” Madman ‘ by proxy. It looks like one of his female advisors is going to roll on him in this latest highly ethically ambiguous deal, tangling his Union ties with a spectre of Mayoral strongarming in this music festival business. Jeff Sessions is Attorney General now. Marty is playing hardball with the Feds. Again. I like Marty, a lot. But yesterday’s grandstanding Presser was a bad move .

    Glad you enjoyed your frolic 🙂 Matches, like elections, do have consequences . Often unanticipated ones!

    • John:

      I’m not sure Marty will get a break from the incoming U.S. Attorney. As you now it does not take too much to drag a person into a conspiracy — all you need is a cooperating witness to say you gave the wink or the nod even though you were not within a mile of the conversation. You remember Martorano’s testimony in the Connolly case where he testified that Whitey said that Connolly said that Billy Bulger said.

      I think Brisette and the other co-defendant are standing up so they are dragging in others and squeezing them as you noted. Much will depend on the marching orders Trump or Sessions give to Ortiz’s replacement. The break you say Marty got may be a break in his career. No wonder he has opposition lining up.