Will The New England Patriots Soon Become the Shanghai Patriots?

If Bob Kraft went into a Spa where Chinese women were being held captive in the same way slaves were held for the purpose of providing sexual services to men, and if Bob Kraft received some sexual services from those poor imprisoned women he very well may lose the Patriots for his actions abetting this cruel treatment of women.

Yes, I know, you’re going to say he just went in a couple or more time and had nothing to do with the slavery aspect of it. That’s true in part, but if he and the thousands like him did not go into those places then they would not exist. It is every dollar that is paid by men seeking a happy ending that keeps these young women in bondage. Bob Kraft if he participated in these women providing sexual activity for him was participating in keeping the slavery market running.

I know if he did as alleged his contribution to this slave market is de minimus but that’s not the point. If we are going to stop the trafficking in women then every action promoting it, whether de minimus or not, is wrong and injurious to those women. It is the equivalent to a strict liability statute where the burden is upon the person seeking the services to ensure that they are not being provided by women slaves. And guys with the money that Kraft has could certainly have spent a de minimus amount determining who these young Asian women were and how they happened to be trapped in the filthy spa where he found them.

If he did as suggested, didn’t it ever occur to him that he was taking advantage of these women by engaging in sordid acts with them? Didn’t he recognize, if he took advantage of these helpless women, that no woman of free will would be willing to participate in such actions with an old man like him for such a small amount of money unless they had no choice? Wasn’t he knowledgeable if he did as alleged that he was engaging in criminal activity with the women by receiving sexual services from them?

The whole thing makes one’s skin crawl. How will you feel when you see him during the Patriot’s game sitting in his box knowing there are drug addicted women imprisoned in filthy rooms who he abused if he paid for sex with them.  With all his billions of dollars if he did as alleged he sleazily violated impoverished trapped young Asian women. One can only wonder that if this occurred whether in his mind he believed it was all right to abuse Chinese women. Does he consider that Asian women do not deserve respect? That they are  different.

It is not pie in the sky thinking that Kraft may lose the Patriots. In the child pornography area the mere possession of a pornographic picture of a child can result in a heavy fine. Recently in Florida David Rothenberg, a lawyer, was found with  more than 1,000 child pornography pictures he viewed at home and in his law office. He was sentenced to 17 1/2 years in prison; he was also ordered to pay $142,000 to 9 children whose photographs he viewed.  His case is part of trend in the country to punish people who viewed these photographs with fines. The theory is based on the idea that if there weren’t customers for child pornography it would not exist just like if there weren’t customers for women held in slavery the slavery would end.

Victims of child pornography have begun to fight back. According to this article claims of over a million dollars have been made against a people who merely viewed the victim’s photograph. How much more will people held in slavery be able to demand from those who come in, physically violate them against their wills, and leave. As you know those who are in slavery have no free will and they must do what they are told. Don’t all these men know this?

Can every Asian woman who was abused file a claim against Bob Kraft for abetting in their slavery? That is what I expect some enterprising lawyers will start considering. No matter how deep his pockets, if that happens and if Kraft is guilty as alleged then the Patriots may have a new home.




  1. Abe :

    ” I was standing on the loading bed of a defunct grain elevator near Bird Cove .”

    Tough sentence to beat .

    Stay downwind .

  2. The US is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state.

    Those who warned about black helicopters and jack-booted thugs twenty years ago were called nutjobs.

    Ten or fifteen years ago, patriotic and thinking Americans really started to worry about the direction of the USA.

    Today most Americans know something is wrong, but they either don’t know what or don’t care.

    The few Americans who are awake are increasingly becoming more pessimistic as the US obviously declines. The situation in USA looks hopeless.

    Everyday the elites make more laws, the debt rises, wars are conducted, and Americans become more immoral.

    Courts won’t rule against unconstitutional laws, politicians don’t repeal laws, the Gestapo has become more brazen, no one cares about government spending, wars are not being ended, and Americans are not flocking to churches and embracing morality.

    Trump is either part of the establishment, naive, or being drugged or threatened to build the police state, increase the debt, and keep the wars going.

    Some say the USA could last another 100 years, but that outlook seems unlikely.

    Concerned Americans who once didn’t take the US collapse seriously are wondering what to do.

    Buying guns, gold, and food is good advice, but something more must be done other than just waiting for the US Ponzi economy to implode, riots to happen, Civil War 2.0 to break out, the concentration camps to open, and WWIII to start.

    Having a few thousand prepared Americans won’t do much good against the evil ruling class when they launch their final solution against the 99%.

    The US needs millions of Americans to get out into the streets with pitchforks and torches now. Windows will need to be broken, people are going to be arrested, and people are going to die.

    Americans must start making sacrifices today to wake people up, prepare, protest, and resist.

    Americans need to talk to everyone to get the word out. Americans need to spend some money to start websites, print up flyers, and rent billboards.

    If Americans remain quiet then there is nothing to stop the ruling powers from sending the 99% off to the gulags.

    This is no joke.

    Anyone who has eyes and studied a little bit of history can tell you what’s going to happen.

    • Your spiel would fit into the climate of exactly 100 years ago perfectly.

      Please add a phrase about the Polar Bears next time. I saw a mother and two yearling cubs in Churchill, Manitoba on May 28th, 1988. I was standing on the loading bed of a defunct grain elevator near Bird Cove. A friend and I were scoping the tundra for birds when she came out of a small spruce thicket. She was about 400 yards away and we had the wind coming from her direction. We stood perfectly still locked onto our tripods not moving a muscle. Even at that distance she was terrifying. She could not have seen or smelled us. We had a gray wall of broken cement behind us to conceal our location. We were whispering about her massive size and huge paws. She then faced us, got up on hind legs and stared directly into our scopes. Frozen. We were motionless, camouflaged and down wind and at almost a quarter mile she knew exactly where we were. She stood like that, looking into our eyes for a full five minutes without moving. When you know how to sneak up on wary seals on a flat, ice desert and kill them, not much escapes you. I guess. That is a creature I want you to add to the stump speech.

  3. You see …IT TOOK TIME AND ENERGY… for me to write post about Kraft.

    I did not consider it a refrigerator post-it note

    If this blog has degenerated into that then what is the point.


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    They turn a witty blog into The Crying Game

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  6. YIKES !!!!!!

  7. I’m all for punishing Kraft big-time… as long as it means somehow ensnaring the incredibly evil Jeffrey Epstein, the Sex Slave Owner to the Stars.

  8. “de minimus”
    Ah, the poor old ablative case… dissed again!
    Make mine “de minimis”!

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      • JKM,
        Me a nice fellow? The jury has not yet reached a verdict. My two teenagers are close friends of the prosecutor, so…
        No, I most certainly did NOT spam any post of yours. Bring the chains out to measure and you’ll see.
        I would like to meet every contributor to Matt’s blog, at least a few of whom went to the same high school.
        BTW I cannot be considered a friend of Matt’s. I look forward to meeting him some day, perhaps at a Whitey talk he would give at a library, preferably on the Cape.

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  9. Sunshine is the best disinfectant for this entire situation . The sex slavery trafficking is an opportunity for eager politico prosecutors to ply their nauseating game of selective prosecution and cynical manipulation ; the purportedly inhuman environs of Bob”s happy and generously tipped, by conscientious intelligence accounts, ministrators, continued in steamy oppression for months of STING .This is a complete bag job. If we may use that expression there. It is all about taking down a powerful political and cultural figure and sullying all of these ” I can smell them from here TRUMP voters ” that lead the Peter Strozks and Comeys and McCabes et all the other … Fellow Citizens. . to attempt a Presidential Coup .

    Matt knows the Shame Game only too well ; poor scrappy Catholic boy that he is.

    Bob Kraft should listen to Amanda Palmer’s new album :


    NO FUCKING SHAME, BOB !!!!!!!!!!!

    Let her Lead .

  10. How far does this go? Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones and Arthur Blank have all recently bough SuperYachts worth over 100 million.Was any slave labor used in any of the components in any of the Yachts? How many people have lived a life above reproach? Amazing? My Facebook feed is full of New Englanders silent as a stone as Bob Kraft takes a fall. How long would JFK himself have lasted on the campaighn trail with the modern media of 2019? You wonder why men go overseas?

  11. How would a south Florida jury view his conduct? He is not popular down there. If a lawyer sued on behalf of the Asian women would he be found liable? Was he negligent in not knowing who these women were and where they came from and their conditions of employment? Lawyers always sue the deep pocket. Settle the case for a few million and end it. A jury full of Dolphin’s fans might award billions.. 2. Could he use the Explorers defense? Ponce De Leon sought the fountain of youth in Florida and Kraft was just doing the same at Orchids of Asia. 3. Goodell is going to award the Patriots franchise to the Me Too movement.

  12. I think Kraft should plead guilty, pay the fine, and move on. His current high-profile approach of attending Oscar parties, making out with Tom Brady at the airport, and otherwise keeping himself in the public eye should stop. He’s only making himself a bigger target. And that will only make it more likely the league will impose a heavy penalty. (I hope we’ve heard the last of the “Patriot Way.”)

  13. This argument doesn’t play out well. Are we going to start connecting people to crime across the board? How many bartenders have given someone their last drink of the night and then that person went out and killed someone on the way home? How many Dick’s Sporting Goods clerks have sold a bullet that was used in a criminal act?

    When a billionaire is looking to get laid is it his responsibility to research the history of every aspect of the brothel he visits? The people involved in the human bondage are the head to be severed.

    Of course, your mileage may vary.

    • Abe :

      That’s quite the how many bullets could fit on a Dick’s clerk head kind of question .