A Time To Worry – Unrequited Love – It May Be A Scary Time

They’ll be no more love letters; those that have come in the past might as well have been written in the sand.

My wife said: “Are you worried?”  I answered, “Yes.”

There is something particularly unusual with what is going on. It started a while ago. I guess the first time it struck me was when I seemed to know more about what would happen than the experts in the Administration.

Those who have been with me know that when it came to North Korea I’ve said since the git-go that there is no way Kim Jong-Un would give up his nuclear arsenal or his long range missiles. When I’d write that I’d think of Marlon Brando sitting in the back seat of a car with his brother in the movie On The Waterfront telling him: “I could have been a contender, I could have been a somebody instead of a bum, which I am.”

Maybe Kim Jong-Un saw the movie. If he did he would have understood what Brando was talking about. He could see himself if he gave up his nuclear weapons and missiles telling his sister Kim Yo-Jong how  he could have been a somebody. Why isn’t it crystal clear to all those who are in the present Administration and responsible for dealing with Kim Jong-Un that he needs those things to make him into a contender? Without them he is in charge of a fifth rate country that runs in part on slave labor  and advice from Dennis Rodman.

The reason I assume that the obvious isn’t discernible to them is because Trump wants them not to believe it. Trump has conned himself into thinking Kim Jong-Un will do something against his basic interest because he is as much in love with Trump as Trump suggests he is with him. Trump formed that belief during his first summit with Kim.

Kim also was entranced by Trump at the Singapore Summit. What caused that is a mystery? I guess though it had to be something that Trump promised him.  Because they met in secret we do not know what that is. But for clarity sake let us say Trump promised Kim he would bring about several things including what to Kim was most important XYZ.

After that summit we reduced our military exercises with South Korea, made some minor concessions on sanctions, while Trump and Kim exchanged love letters. Kim did not do any more open testing of his missiles or nuclear bombs. Time passed and another rendezvous was arranged in Hanoi. As best we can tell it started off in a hail fellow well met atmosphere with smiles and handshakes all around. Everything was chipper.

Off they went, the two leaders, into their secret meeting place. They chatted amicably for a while when Kim broached the subject of XYZ. Trump at first suggested he had not promised that, or that he was misunderstood, or that when he said XYZ he meant QRS. Kim didn’t buy it. He insisted Trump go through with his promise on XYZ; Trump begged for more time. Kim was having nothing of it. Kim said the summit was over as far as he was concerned. No matter how much Trump begged or cajoled him to pretend things were well and to have lunch together Kim refused to budge. He knew Trump needed to be able to claim some favorable outcome; Kim knew he didn’t.

Trump would make it appear he called off the lunch. He pretended he was not going to give Kim what he demanded. He spent a lot of time telling us what a good guy Kim is, how he knew nothing about Otto Wambier’s torture, and what swell people run North Korean.  Kim said nothing. His spokesman suggested Trump was at fault for the failure

Trump in the throes of love promised him things that he can not deliver.  Kim feels betrayed by Trump. Trump is working feverishly to regain his love. Hopefully he can, for the sake of all of us.

Why am I worried? News reports came out yesterday that Kim is rebuilding his missile sites. Is Kim that angry? If Kim launches a missile that will tell Trump that their affair is definitely over. Kim will have taken Trump’s love and shoved it back in his face like clowns shove cakes into the faces of other clowns.

“When a lovely flame dies smoke gets in your eyes.” The unrequited lover is capable of anything. This is a scary time.


  1. “[Kim] is in charge of a fifth rate country that runs in part on slave labor and advice from Dennis Rodman.”

    Worth reading for just that line alone.

  2. John King McDonald


  3. John King McDonald

    He is also Wise . No Worries

  4. John King McDonald


    More Missile Envy !

    My Boyfriend’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble is not really the tone we want in speaking about such serious matters .


    Let tell you what I think of clowns :


    Life Under The BIG TOP


    Everyone back up on their stools and let the Lion Tamer sort you All Out .

    Word is he is super pissed about his favorite being beaten to death .