Howie Carr Calls Them Dumbocrats: He May Be Right But For The Wrong Reason

Howie Carr wrote a column the other day called “There’s a Reason The Call Them Dumbocrats. “ Howie is the radio guy who used to read police reports with Hispanic names and play Mexican music in the background in this not so subtle way of suggesting to his mainly white audience that Hispanics were criminals. In his column he referred to individual Democratic elected representatives, highlighting as you’d expect Muslim, Hispanic and black women. Racism anyone?

Is Howie going to reproduce D. W. Griffith’s racist movie the  “Birth of a Nation?” Apparently he is close to doing it pointing out where someone of color or of a non-Judeo/Christian misspoke. His biggest libel on the Democrats is his statement: “Given the Democrats’ sordid record with the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, massive resistance, etc.,” That is, of course, written for those illiterates who have no understanding of American history. Those Democrats that were involved in those sordid policies all left the Democratic Party and became Republicans. They may have changed their stripes but not their beliefs. I suggest there is not one Republican of Lincoln’s time, especially the radicals, who would recognize today’s Republican Party. Howie, of course, depends on his dumb audience not to know that.

I have a different reason for suggesting the Democrats may be dumb. It comes from what happened recently at a Democratic caucus meeting.  Apparently up to two dozen Democrats voted with the Republicans on a couple of occasions when they submitted amendments to bills that were about to be enacted. Most of these Democrats are  from swing districts, one of those rare Congressional districts. People in Massachusetts would be unaware of those areas where candidates of either party have a chance of being elected

Under the Republican Rule never did a Republican vote on an amendment the Democrats proposed. Republicans deeply fear bolting from the heavy hand of its leadership. Perhaps, that is why the Republicans in the House became a minority in sticking with the Party’s blind support of Trump. The swing-district Democrats told Speaker Pelosi that they came to Congress to represent their home districts and those amendments were what their constituents would want enacted.

During the Democratic caucus one of its members, the new media heart-throb, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a freshman Democrat and noted spokesperson for the far left of the party spoke up.  Apparently Pelosi said nothing when she suggested to the swing district Democrats that they better fall in line or else she will have other candidates run against them in the primaries. I’m sure they thought as she was saying that: “it was hard enough for me a moderate Democrat to win my district, there is absolutely no chance anyone from the far left to do it.”  They had to wonder if Ocasio-Cortez had any idea what she was talking about.

Fortunately House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina split with Speaker Pelosi. They “suggested that moderate members can vote with Republicans if they think it will improve their political standing.” Both long-term members of the Democratic Party and Congress they recognized something neither Speaker Pelosi or Ocasio-Cortez apparently appreciate which is they are in the majority in the House because they won the swing districts.

The Democrats will become Dumbocrats if they don’t understand that simple fact. Those progressive and far left Democrats in Congress are coming from safe districts. Their constituents would vote for Mac the Dog if he had a D after his name. If the Democrats want to stay in the majority they have to stop the tug of the far left and anchor themselves closer to the middle. If they don’t, not only will they lose the house they’ll keep Trump as president.

I’ve mentioned before that Ocasio-Cortez defeated an old white Irish guy in a majority Hispanic district which was surrounded by Hispanic districts represented by Hispanics. Had the candidate been a Hispanic conservative then he or she would also have won. There is no stomach in this country for the far left programs advocated by her. The way she acted at the Democratic caucus with her demand for progressive purity from all members and her threat to out and shame them brought back memories of the Duma in Russia where the Bolsheviks also demanded purity of belief.



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  4. “Their constituents would vote for Mac the Dog if he had a D after his name.”

    Would that dog be yellow in color?

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  8. Wa-llahi! Youse guys are looking too far into the future. What if Glorious Leader’s army of two digit IQ supporters takes up arms to defend him, and, his creepy family? Trump’s done more for the inevitable socialist revolution than any other President in history. Take pride in that. Certainly, strokes of genius they’ve been. Sixty percent of the young voters of America view socialism favorably. Superlative work Glorious Leader. More, please, more!

    All power to the dialectic!

  9. Muslims are not a race, of course, nor are Hispanics, strictly,

    Racism is a silly pejorative without any real definition other than as a political epithet.

    Especially since there is no such thing as ‘race.’ Even the “Irish Race” is fictive.

  10. ” That is, of course, written for those illiterates who have no understanding of American history. Those Democrats that were involved in those sordid policies all left the Democratic Party and became Republicans. ”

    That is total bullshit. YOU are the one who should hone his literacy skills, and do some research on this myth, perpetrated by the modern Democratic party to excuse the sins of their past.

    I’m really disappointed that you not only believe this nonsense, but repeat here in an insulting way.

    Here’s an excerpt from a good summary of what really happened (link below):

    “If this was a sudden “switch” to the Republican Party for the old Democrat segregationists, it sure took a long time to happen.

    The reality is that it didn’t. After the 1964 election–the first after the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the opportune time for racist Democrat voters to abandon the party in favor of Republicans–Democrats still held a 102-20 House majority in states that had once been part of the Confederacy. In 1960, remember, that advantage was 117-8. A pickup of 12 seats (half of them in Alabama) is hardly the massive shift one would expect if racist voters suddenly abandoned the Democratic Party in favor of the GOP. ”

    • John:

      You quote a Republican conservative. How about this: “The monopoly that the Democratic Party held over most of the South first showed major signs of breaking apart in 1948, when many Southern Democrats, dissatisfied with the policies of desegregation enacted during the administration of Democratic President Harry Truman, created the States Rights Democratic Party, which nominated South Carolina Governor Strom Thurmond for president. The “Dixiecrats” won most of the deep South (where Truman was not on the ballot). The new party collapsed after the election, with a return to the Democratic Party. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat, led many Southern Democrats to vote for Barry Goldwater at the national level. In the ensuing years, the increasing conservatism of the Republican Party compared to the liberalism of the Democratic Party (especially on social and cultural issues) led many more conservative white Democrats in the South to vote Republican. However, many continued to vote for Democrats at the state and local levels, especially before 1994. After 2010, Republicans had gained a solid advantage over Democrats at all levels of politics in most Southern states.”

      The Democrats in the South were not the Democrats in the rest of the country. Most of the Southern members of Congress did not switch parties (although they switched allegiance to the Republicans – remember Nixon’s Southern strategy) for reasons that had to do with the seniority in Congress. Those in power, and the Southern Democrats held much power in the Democratic Party, stayed there to keep their committee assignments.